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Officers from FOU, Zone A on patrol

Officers from FOU, Zone A on patrol

The Nigeria CustomsbService has again lost one of its patrol van, this time in Ogun State, as dare devil smugglers
pounced on Customs Officers on routine patrol, burning their vehicle and leaving the whereabouts of some, still unknown.
The Service last month similarly lost a patrol van to rampaging vehicle dealers in Kaduna, who attacked Customs officers burning their patrol van.
In the current account which occurred at the Toll-gate end of Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway, the Business Monitor learnt that an anti-smuggling team had waylaid some smugglers and dispossessed them of contrabands of three vehicles filled with poultry products and foreign parboiled rice.
Unable to bear the loss of such gargantuan proportion, the smugglers were said to have regrouped, mobilized for a counter attack.
Unfortunately however, by the time the counter attack was executed, it sadly took a toll on CG Patrol team, on normal routine assignment, and who never belonged to the team that had earlier made the heavy seizure.
One of the affected Customs officers who said he escaped by the whiskers also emphasized that he was yet to establish any communication with his fellow officers.
“We are on a routine patrol this morning. And from nowhere, some hoodlums just swooped on us, attacking us with various dangerous tools!” he indicated, stressing that he was not aware that their colleagues had actually made some seizures.
“We were just on our way to the office when we were attacked by smugglers”, he stated further.
Corroborating the view, another officer explained that about the same time, another group of smugglers was also attacking the last members of the team which actually effected the seizure, as they drove on with the impounded
vehicle of frozen chickens which one of the Officers was driving.
“One of the vehicles was rescued by the smugglers and one of our officers was the one driving it. He had to take refuge in a nearest police station else he would have been killed.”
Explaining further, on how the Customs vehicle was burnt, he said, “After taking the contraband to the office, the CG compliance team was on patrol when they ran into the mob and were attacked.
When the view of the image maker, Federal Operations Unit, Ikeja, Jerry Attah was sought, he confirmed the story, describing as unfortunate, because the team that actually suffered devastating reprisal, was indeed, not the team
that effected the seizure.
The image maker also confirmed that the whereabouts of about five officers were still unknown.